Painted Pianos

Painted Pianos is a unique art project designed to bring community members together while creating musical memories. This downtown activation gives artists a new and exciting platform to share their talent and provides the public with a chance to experience music in the downtown. This project is about spreading the love of music for more people to see, hear, and enjoy when they least expect it. Outdoor art activations like the Painted Pianos creates a more interactive environment in the walkable downtown, engages community members, and helps promote the downtown to residents and visitors.

Keep reading below to learn more about Painted Pianos, sign up to volunteer to paint, donate to the program, become a program partner, or sponsor a piano!

The project is a collaboration between Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association, the City of Walnut Creek and Steinway Piano Gallery.

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Click the map icon above to view the 2023 Piano Locations.

The Painted Pianos are strategically placed throughout downtown Walnut Creek. The pianos are located in public areas to activate the space and bring the community together to play and share their musical talents.

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Share your photos and videos with us! We love to see our community enjoying the Painted Pianos. Tag us on Instagram and Facebook for a chance to be featured on our pages.

From the Community ...

"Just wanted to share how much I and everyone I talk to enjoys the outdoor pianos.  They are a wonderful addition to our community…. I love that all ages enjoy them"

- Jane, Walnut Creek Resident

"I was very impressed and proud to tell people that I live in a charming town with a lot of modern art around in downtown area, especially those painted pianos spotted in the lovely plazas..."

- Lijun, Walnut Creek Resident

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Earth Day Beautification Project

Saturday, April 22nd  //  9:00am-12:00pm

Be part of Earth Day by bringing Art and Music to downtown Walnut Creek. Volunteer to paint the 2023 downtown pianos! All levels of artistic ability welcome. So put your painting smock on and participate in this fun beautification project. 


We are looking for individuals, families, organizations, businesses, or any group who wants to adopt one of this year's Painted Pianos! Sponsorships cost $500 and include: participating in the artistic piano design, painting your piano, a dedicated plaque on piano, and enjoying visits all season long. Adopting a piano is a great way for local non-profits to promote their organization in a fun and different way. Sponsorships are greatly appreciated to help cover costs and keep the program running in the downtown.


Have you enjoyed the Painted Pianos in Walnut Creek's downtown? All donations are greatly appreciated and help to pay for the pianos to be refurbished, tuned, moved, stored, and painted!


You can make a difference! Help us continue to grow the Painted Pianos Project and donate your piano.

(Please Note: We are no longer accepting pianos for 2023. Fill out the form below if you are looking to donate a piano in 2024).


We are always looking for people who love music and want to be a part of our project. Together, we join together to bring music to the community and make downtown Walnut Creek harmonious.

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The Painted Pianos Project would not be possible without the generous donations from downtown businesses, community members, and piano owners. Thank you to each and every one of our piano donors and to the community who has helped foster this program.

2023 Piano Donors

Chloe Kim
Kiaan & Kavi McKenna
Alexis Mendenhall
Julia McLeod
Susan Nachand & Becky Cable
Jim, Terri & Sam Lee

Program Partners

For more information about the Painted Piano Project, please contact:

Karli Trapani, Event & Community Relations Intern

Walnut Creek Downtown Team, 925-933-6778