Walnut Creek Downtown (WCD) is launching Downtown Stages

Walnut Creek, CA (February 23rd, 2021)-Walnut Creek Downtown (WCD) is launching Downtown Stages beginning March 1st, 2021, through December 31, 2021.  Downtown Stages consists of four separate locations (stages) dispersed throughout the downtown whereby local musicians, dancers, poets, and other forms of entertainment may perform in the heart of Walnut Creek.

The Downtown Stages four locations are as follows:

  • Cypress Mini Plaza-Cypress and North Main Street
  • Century 14 Plaza-1201 Locust Street
  • Water Light Plaza-1501 Locust Street
  • Civic Plaza-Civic and North Main Street

If you’d like to learn more information about the Downtown Stages program or you’re interested in performing at one of the four Downtown Stages, register at www.walnutcreekdowntown.com. While they are unable to pay musicians at this time, they are allowing Downtown Stages performers the opportunity to collect tips. Additionally, WCD will promote the Downtown Stages and performers on their social media-both Facebook and Instagram-as well as their weekly E-Blast.

“Whether you’re a local or new to town, WCD invites you to downtown Walnut Creek to enjoy the soothing sounds of cool jazz, acoustic guitar, horns, violin and maybe a harmonica or two.  We understand that as a community many of us are facing challenging times; we hear you, we care about you, and know that our hearts are with you.  We hope that the Downtown Stages will add a touch of good cheer to your day as you stroll and enjoy our beautiful downtown.”

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Press Release:

Walnut Creek Downtown Business Association

Kerry Inserra:

Associate Director, Walnut Creek Downtown